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This is what people said about LIFT-n-LOK™...

When it comes to speedy access this has to be the record holder!
Coastal Angler.

You have certainly come up with a rather ingenious piece of equipment! CONGRATULATIONS!!!
Dr. Neil Stern.

I received the boxes last night and very impressed with the look, ingenious design and overall quality!
Greg Poppel.

I like how the drawers lock once the handle is raised. I would recommend it to others.
Richard Hammond; Amazon Website

Wow, great product.
John Rinehart.

Really nice tool box. Great design
Bill Whitsell.

The handle actuated drawer lock gets an A+.
Bob, Pacific Palisades, CA

I like mine a lot. Holds a good bit. Easy to carry around. I don't worry about dumping the contents since the drawers lock.

I have one and it works great, well worth the money.
kreg McMahon

The LIFT-n-LOK™ works exactly as it says and fits my purposes very well. Everything I need fits in it and with just one movement the entire box is locked with no chance of things moving from compartment to compartment. At first I thought the price was a little high but the old adage, "you get what you pay for" seems to fit here. This is a very high quality case. The drawers feel like they are on bearings and work very smoothly unlike most other plastic storage cases.
Great box. I'm thinking of buying another.
J Grubb (Ohio) Amazon Website

These are better than any box out there for little stuff. I know it wont move slots. It is very tight. I have 2 of them I use and have more than that at home
biggen; carolinasrc.com forum

I am delighted with the box. The box is perfect, perfect, perfect. Did I mention the box is perfect?
Joe Nash

Got your lift-n-lock box today, cracking bit of gear.

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