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The latest innovation in storage.

LIFT-n-LOK™ – The storage without a catch!

We are now re-launching Lift-n-Lok on Indiegogo, we need to gather together enough pre-orders for us to put our tooling back into production. Indiegogo will give us the opportunity to put together a viable order. Our tooling is ready to go and we have our manufacturing slot booked for the 10th May 2018. Because we manufacture in USA we will be able to ship as we manufacture and not have to load containers and ship from China before we ship on to customers.

PDY Systems new innovative LIFT-n-LOK™ tool box fastening system makes our products ideal for use by anyone who has been let down by traditional catches which are prone to breakage and have a time consuming opening and closing sequence. Our toolboxes are ideal for use by service engineers, elevator engineers, HVAC engineers, auto repairs and anyone who works with tools and needs to carry a selection of small parts which they want to keep organized. A LIFT-n-LOK™ is also great for fishermen from pier to off shore and lake to bass and big water fish; everyone has a use for a LIFT-n-LOK™!

It's time to change to the tool box which doesn’t have it's origins in the 1940's.

These features are only available with a LIFT-n-LOK™:
  • Our patented system has the quickest fastening system on the market for a toolbox with both a storage bin and drawers.
  • No mixing or drawer jams: AUTOMATIC gap closing system prevents mixture between drawer compartments. NO LIDS needed on the drawers.
  • Extremely durable because it does not rely on the use of fragile catches, latches or flaps to fasten the drawers or lid.
  • NO fragile latches or doors needed: drawers and lid are fastened AUTOMATICALLY.
  • Very easy to operate when wearing gloves
    or with cold fingers.

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