LIFT-n-LOK™ Technical Information

  1. Fastened

  2. Fastened

  3. Unfastened

How it works

The cam attached to the ends of the handle lifts the drawers as the handle is raised

This closes the clearance gap between the drawers and interlocks them with the carcase; it also fastenes the lid. The handle can then be moved to the forward position for storage.

The system ensures that no extra effort is required above that needed to lift the unit.


Drawers and lid are locked with a single 1.5 (40mm) padlock
(NOT included).

LIFT-n-LOK™ Specifications

LIFT-n-LOK™ Specifications
Material Polypropylene
Weight 9lb 10oz (4.45kg)
Volume Information:
Top Bin 938 cu in (15.37 cu lit)
Top Drawer 186 cu in (3.04 cu lit)
Middle Drawer 283 cu in (4.65 cu lit)
Lower Drawer 317 cu in (5.20 cu lit)

Drawer Diagrams (hover mouse over image for a larger diagram)

(not average)